I'm Marco de Graaff (45) and have photography as a hobby among others. 

I also have a full time job in the IT sector. 

Through this site I want to give you an idea about the pictures I make. 

I would not even label myself as a professional photographer yet but the amateur stage I have passed. 

As you may have noticed i'm more a generalist photographer. I just shoot about anything that comes to my lens which I find interesting. On this site I have tried to give an  impression of some of my photos in an somewhat clear division. 

Furthermore I am not in favor of heavily artistic photo editing.

​A photo should, in my view, be close like the moment it was recording. The only adjustments i make are lens correction, color adjustments and sharpness. I mainly use Adobe Lightroom to achieve that.

If you are interested in a photo please let me know via the contact button or order one from my web-store

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Kind regards,